Light powered computing

OPTIUS leverages optical computing to build the next gen AI accelerator. By using on-chip light processing and programmable photonic memories, neural networks computations are accelerated by at least 10-fold  for the same energy consumption and chip cost.



Optius and the Photonic Revolution

Optical computing will revolutionize AI computations the same way optical fibers have transformed data communications! The reason is fundamentally the same, optical signals are superior for moving data. Data-intensive neural network computations can be performed optically using a fraction of the energy compared to current electronic chips. This significant reduction in energy consumption enables larger and more complex neural network AI computation

We believe that optical computation will be that 

paradigm shift.


Our Technology

OPTIUS brings together several innovative photonic technologies that, collectively, offer a unique solution to the problem of increased energy consumption of AI computations.

OPTIUS photonic memory technology enables ultra-low-latency matrix multiplication operations with minimal energy consumption.

This energy loss can be greatly improved via

the use of photonic structures to perform

computations and perform the transmission

of data.

Combined with a unique computing architecture and a superior technology for efficient electrical to optical conversion, this solution can deliver more than 50 Tera operations per second for each Watt of energy consumption.


Our Partners